Report Spam and Report Not Spam folders added

One important aspect of defeating unsolicited emails and minimizing false positives is to ‘train’ the Spam detection system.

To make this easier for our non-technical users, we have created two new folders in your IMAP and Webmail folders. 

Report Spam

If you receive a message in your inbox that you are sure is Spam, and isn’t marked **SPAM** by our system, you can now move that email message into your Report Spam folder, which will train your domains Spam scanner and report the message to administrators.

After a short period of time, messages in this folder will be automatically deleted.

Spam that has been reported will either be blocked from delivery to the server, or its resulting Spam ‘Score’ will be increased to reflect the possibility of future messages being Spam or Spam like.

Be aware, this will affect ALL mail received by your domain, so be sure that messages you are reporting are actually spam.

Report Not Spam

If you receive a message that is marked **SPAM** or went into your junk-mail folder incorrectly, and you are sure it isn’t Spam, you can now train ‘ham’ as well.  Move the message into your Report Not Spam folder, and after a period of time, the Spam scanner will train itself based on the contents, and the message will be copied back into your inbox.