We have upgraded our spam protection features and have included bl.spamcop.net and zen.spamhaus.org RBL’s to reject SPAM before being delivered to your inbox.

In addition, SpamAssassinTM has been configured to reject any email with a score higher than 15, and bounce any email with a score higher than 12.5. You can configure your individual accounts to further delete, move to a SPAM box, or simply mark SPAM before pickup at any score you wish, by going to your cPanel and clicking on the SpamAssassinTM icon.

To further combat SPAM, you can enable Email Authentication features such as DomainKeys (wikipedia) and SPF (http://www.openspf.org/). Be sure that you use your accounts SMTP if you enable this functionality, or are familiar with the implications or necessary configuration if you do not. Remember: If port 25 is blocked by your ISP, you can configure your mail client to connect at port 2525 and still use your own SMTP.

On top of that, we have added BoxTrapper, which allows you to activate email verification for those not on your white list. This means that any mail address that is not placed on your white list will be required to send back a verification email to ensure that they are not a spammer. This function can be quite useful in preventing automatic mailings that you do not wish to receive from reaching your inbox. BE WARNED however, that this does take considerable effort to maintain, and may be too much work for the average user.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we have added Virus protection, courtesy of ClamAVTM, to the server. You now have the ability to scan your web account, to help identify threats such as exploited scripts and trojans, from your cPanel install. In addition, incoming email is scanned and rejected if a virus is found, to aid in combating the spread of these web based nasties. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU STILL PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER WITH A VIRUS SCANNER. No virus scanner is perfect, and there is more ways to receive a virus than just your email. For personal use, download the free AVG virus scanner from free.grisoft.com.

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