New Website and Plans Coming Soon!

As part of an extensive remodel, a new NWH website is on the way.  We’re moving towards a new mobile-friendly responsive design.Additionally, new plans will be introduced including a WordPress hosting option that will automatically set up a ‘ready to run’ WordPress site in just a few clicks, and continuously monitor and update the software […]

Barracuda RBL Added

As SPAM is on the rise, we are continually adding new resources in the war against it.Starting today, any mail originating from an IP listed in the Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) will be not be able to be sent or received by our services.For more information about the Barracuda Reputation Block List, or to […]

New Domain Registrations Include FREE DNS Management and Email Forwarding

When you register or transfer an existing domain over to our services, you can now enjoy FREE DNS Management and Email Forwarding services from your NoWhere Hosting client area. In order to take advantage of this service, you will need to set your name servers to the following: Then to manage your Email […]

Enhanced SPAM and Virus protection

We have upgraded our spam protection features and have included and RBL’s to reject SPAM before being delivered to your inbox. In addition, SpamAssassinTM has been configured to reject any email with a score higher than 15, and bounce any email with a score higher than 12.5. You can configure your individual accounts to […]