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Can I use my own external DNS with NWH standard packages?

We do not support third party or external DNS configurations. 

If you choose to use an external DNS service, anything and everything DNS related is your responsibility, including any issues that may arise with the automatic deployment of your web services on our systems.

Conflicts such as those with the mail services and SOA record on our DNS servers cannot be resolved in an automated fashion and therefor require intervention of our technicians.  If you require the use of an external DNS server, contact support prior to attempting any changes.  This may incur fees.

Using a third party or external DNS service does not increase web service reliability, it actually introduces another point of failure and increases the risk of problems.

We do not recommend the use of external DNS for any reason, as if we need to change the shared IPs, recover from a network failure, or migrate your website to another server, it may result in extended downtime as you will be required to update the IPs yourself. It may be impossible to give you advance notice of these changes.

If you simply require a custom MX, A, CNAME or SPF records, this can be done via. your cPanel interface.  It does not require a third party DNS.  Refer to the cPanel documentation for details.

If you require custom entries for your DNS beyond what is supported by cPanel, contact support prior to making any changes with details on what you are trying to accomplish, as there is options available to you through our services.

If you must use external DNS or need futher flexibility with DNS that cannot be provided with any other option, we recommend a dedicated server solution.  Contact us for pricing.

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